Symptoms of Early Diabetes to Recognize for a Timely Diagnosis !

Diabetes is a disease that is directly connected to the level of sugar in our blood. The hormone that regulates this is called insulin and is produced by the pancreas, which is located in the abdomen.

Abdominal cancer is very hard to detect especially very early, because of the very common symptoms, which can easily be confused with some other lighter illness.

Here are 7 early symptoms that it is not the flu or stomach aches, but diabetes:

1. Increased hunger

Excessive hunger, or, polyphagia, as it’s medically known, together with increased thirst and urination are the three most common diabetes signs. When the body can’t convert the food to glucose – a natural fuel for the organism, your body wants more food to make fuel from. But that’s the trick, you will be hungry again and still don’t feel enough energy!

2. increased thirst

After eating a chocolate or an ice-cream, you immediately feel the urge to drink water, right? That’s exactly how your body feels without the ability to process the glucose, and instead of being turned to energy, it finishes inside your urine, taking along extra fluids from your tissue!

3. increased urination

A normal adult pees between 4 and 10 times per day. However, anything above this is considered extreme (not if you’re pregnant).

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